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I'm not going to tell you to go out and vote...

(how's that for a nice Ciceronian recusatio?) ... but if I were a US'ian today I would, and I wish I could.

I'm praying, honestly praying, for an outcome that might bring some healing to the world. And I don't believe that a McCain/Palin presidency would do that. So you know whom I'd vote for. And I'd vote "no" on proposition 8. Of course.

I'm praying that whatever happens it's a clear and open and honest outcome, so that people may not be happy about it but at least will not feel cheated or wronged.

I'm going to be holding my breath with the rest of the world until this evening. I seldom watch television these days, but I will tonight, and will be online with, no doubt, many of you.

See you later! Keep your fingers crossed.

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