the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Rainy Days and Thursdays

I was awake ridiculously early again this morning, partly because I had to get up more early than usual anyway, to meet a friend for a dog-walk, and when I have set my alarm I always wake up an hour before it. We had agreed that we would meet rain or shine, and it was raining, but not pouring when we set out. By the time we got about half way round our course, it started coming down in buckets, so we all three (my friend, Robinson and I) got very wet. Now, Robinson is tucked into his dog-bagTM, drying, and I am in dry clothes sipping coffee and toasting my bare toes by my nice fire (I LOVE my new gas fireplace!).

But it was a nice walk, and I feel all fresh and outdoorsy and virtuous, you know, how you do when you've walked in the rain long enough to get wet through to the skin. I was wearing a rain-jacket (in BC in the winter, you don't go out without one) and my Tilley hat and supposedly gortex-lined walking shoes, but the rain got into them and under my hat and down my neck, and my legs were not rain proofed anyway so got completely soaked.

It was also nice to see and catch up with that friend, whom I haven't talked to for a while, so I'm pleased about that, too.

And, lest you wondered, Tabitha stayed home, and is now smugly circling Robinson in his dog-bagTM when she isn't trying to get onto my lap under my laptop.

This cosy scene will only last as long as it takes for me to finish my coffee and for Robinson to get as dry as possible. Then I will let him out of his dog-bagTM, and I will have to go to work.

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