the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Long, Empty Days Ahead...

And I couldn't be more pleased!

Through a fluke of class schedule and the Remembrance Day holiday, I do not have to be at work again until Wednesday afternoon. No meeting today, for only the second time this term. I did help things along by cancelling my Monday night class, this because my other section of English 150 was losing Tuesday and I didn't want to get out of sync.

What bliss! I have marking to do, but it's not an extreme pile, and if I get it all done I'll be completely caught up.

Other plans: to get my hair cut and refresh my streaky bits this evening. Hopefully meet noveldevice for coffee or something tomorrow, when she visits Victoria. Return and exchange library books today. Grocery shopping. Maybe shopping for some new fall/winter clothes, because all mine seem about 20 years old (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean). Play badminton again on Sunday. Work on processing and sorting some photos. Play with Tabitha. Go somewhere nice with Robinson. Oh, and yes, I'd like to bathe and thoroughly groom Robinson. Work on my pocowrimo writing project.

Somehow the days don't seem quite so empty!! (how can anyone be bored with life?)

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