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Cheerful Things

The big news - I got to meet noveldevice!! She's one of my first and oldest LJ friends, and it was SO delightful to meet her today. She was both what I expected and not what I expected, all in good ways :) It was great to get pulled into one of the firmest and most sincere hugs I've experienced in a while. But I hope she's not annoyed with me for insisting on paying for lunch - after all, I invited her, and pulled her away from a free one at the UVic colloquium she was attending. It was a very delicious lunch at "The Little Thai Place" near both UVic and Camosun. But, the best part was just getting to meet an LJ peep for real, and hoping that we'll do it again soon. I love meeting my LJ friends in RL!

Later that afternoon, I took Robinson out in the sun that was shining and met up with my old RL friends B and J for a very nice dog walk. Right now, I'm cooking a squash, corn and spinach stew that I'm going to eat fairly soon with some brown rice.

The animals are Getting AlongTM. I saw Tabitha and Robinson actually touch noses without anyone's hackles getting raised or tail getting fluffed up.

Yesterday evening, I got my hair cut and streaked and I think it looks pretty nice.

Life is Good.

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