the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

"The worst thing is the wise"

That was one of those gnomic utterances* that chime out in the middle of late night conversation from those a little the worse for substances. I wish I could remember more because I remember almost peeing myself laughing at certain moments, and now, of course, all has faded except the memory of conviviality.

And it was an extremely convivial evening; Brianna hosted movie night, and it was the stalwarts: Kelly, Greg, Eli, Josh, Greg's friend with the very strange name that I don't remember (one thing I DO remember is Josh telling this guy very solemnly that he couldn't possibly be called whatever it was). Brianna made wonderful vegetarian chili and there were chips and drinks and wine-gums and grapes. Oh, and the movie was Rosemary's Baby which was not scary but was very good, too. Eli had to leave to pursue other social obligations after the movie. He missed the best part of the evening. I remember having this amazingly deep conversation with Kelly and Greg about the differences between reading and watching film and image and language and somehow metaphors and metonymy came in there but I'm not sure exactly how they all fitted together or how it came out in the end. There was a long debate about the merits of Lost, which I have yet to be convinced of. Greg was declaiming its originality and I poo-pooed that and asked him if he'd ever seen The Prisoner which is nothing like Lost, but which I wouldn't be surprised if J.J. Abrahams (sp?) had seen.

And I've promised that next time, the venue will be my house, which Brianna seems convinced is some charming variation of Hobbit hole. It isn't - I hope she won't be disappointed. But it's high time I opened my home up to this delightful group of friends.

Today I'm going to build myself a light-box and take pictures of flowers for my Flickr group. That's if Tabitha doesn't eat them first (the flowers, not the pictures).

*I really like being able to use the phrase "gnomic utterances"; I like it so much I've made it into a tag.
Tags: conversation, friends, gnomic utterances, movie-night

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