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I'm Happy Because...

Things are just so Fine.

I've just finished a delightful supper of fish and chips and Victoria Gin and tonic.

I'm listening to some good music (Dark Captain Light Captain)

The Department meeting this morning that I thought was going to be Awful, wasn't.

I bought a tank of gas for less than $50 for the first time since about June.

I went shopping at the Tuscany Thrifty's and bought expensive salmon and olive oil and cookies and all kinds of very nice stuff and I'm lucky to be able to afford such luxuries.

My friends are going to be around at Christmas. That means I'm looking forward to it for the first time since ... a while.

My life is My Life that I've made for myself, and it's good.

Robinson is snoozing at my feet, and Tabitha is nearby (actually sitting on the arm of my chair as I'm writing this - all ready to leap on my laptop)

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