the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

The North Wind Doth Blow...

Robinson and I walked up the hill to the video store this afternoon and it was bloody cold. Like winter cold, not fall. The wind was from the north/east - what the weather guys call an "outflow" wind for us because it sweeps over here from the mainland. That wind is the one that brings snow, when we get really serious snow, which is hardly ever. It's not cold enough to snow, but it was cold.

Despite that, I spent an hour or so in the garden after I got back from our walk, cutting down my ginormous sunflowers, which were now beginning to look sad and tatty, and generally clearing out my front flower bed. Four big rudbeckia plants are still blooming, and provide a splash of autumnal colour. In the back garden there are still roses blooming, but things are beginning to look a bit tired.

I have a piece of lamb to roast for my dinner tonight; sometimes I just have a hankering for the kind of Sunday dinner I used to have with my mum. I hardly ever cook roast lamb because it doesn't do cold meat for sandwiches as well as beef or chicken do, but I shall make curry with the leftovers. I think I'm going to go whole hog and have roast potatoes and gravy and everything. No doubt the animals will enjoy some bits of lamb, too.

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