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More Conviviality

I just got home from a very pleasant evening dining out with a work-friend/colleague, one whom I don't know _really_ well, but whose company I enjoy. One thing I like about her is that, unlike many of my other friends, she is always happy to buy a bottle of wine with dinner, and dessert afterwards, and not worry about how much it all costs or how many calories it is. Sometimes I just can't be fiddled with being thrifty, although I grew up poor and until fairly recently have never really had "enough" money. But now I make reasonably good money, and I enjoy being able to frivol and just treat myself well. Anyway we had good conversation and enjoyable food and some very nice New Zealand wine, and it was a Good Time (maybe not a Good TimeTM, but Good).

I collected a set of Women's Lit essays today (the ones where I asked them to employ feminist theory when reading Chick Lit) and tomorrow my 150 research papers come in, so this is the beginning of the Deluge.

Someone on my street has Christmas lights up. Already. I think it's too early, but it's like trying to stop the tide from coming in. And somewhere I was reminded that today is exactly a month to Christmas...

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