the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Fun with Photography

One of the things I enjoy about participating in certain groups on Flickr is that it pushes my boundaries in terms of making me go out and take photos of things that I don't, normally. There's one that I'm in right now, it's a kind of Survivor with photographs, rather too complicated to explain, but the upshot was that today I had to go out and take shots of "wood (no trees)" and win a challenge with one of them so that I could add it to this ongoing collection of things for this Survivor game. So I went to a local lumber yard and wandered around and ended up having a great time looking at pattern and texture. My Flickr photo-stream is now full of "wood" shots. Oh, and I won my challenge - in fact, so far I've won three with them, and I'm idly continuing on to see how many medals I can win in this particular category.

wood study This one is my favourite, but you can see the others if you click through to my photo-stream.
Tags: flickr, photography

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