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Serendipity of Research

I discovered this site while doing other things, and it seems have some interesting possibilities for teaching.

This appears to be a kind of poetry "blog". They post a new poem every day, and include thoughtful comments about it and invite comments from visitors. It's a truly interactive site and one that really does celebrate poetry. I found it by chance when doing a Google search on Auden's "Villanelle" for my dissertation... I love the serendipity of research :)
In case you were wondering, "Villanelle" is a character in Jeanette Winterson's _The Passion_, upon which I'm writing a chapter in my dissertation on Winterson. The themes of this poem - our feeling of helplessness in the face of the passing of time, bewilderment about the instability of the world, in contrast to the permanence of art - are echoed to some extent in the novel. One of the other main characters in the novel grows roses, by the way.
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