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Today was not a bad day

There were snowdrops blooming in the park. Which speaks to a more kind of new agey continuity in the face of death than I think I'm really subscribing to, but nevertheless... And if it ever stops raining, I'll take some photos. But overall, it was not a bad day. Mum was more coherent than she has been. We had some good conversations about various things. I had dinner last night with B & J, which was good, even though I collapsed in puddles of tears over the creme caramel... I woke at 5 am and got quite a bit of work done on my online course, which is actually a Good Thing. Today Mum got to vote. Elections Canada officials were cruising the hospital with ballot boxes - did you know that it was okay for someone else to write in the name of the candidate when the person voting isn't capable of writing the name clearly? So I struck one in the eye for.... ha ha. But today, I actually feel, more or less, okay, if that's even possible. I need something to read while sitting at a sickbed. Any suggestions? I was thinking about that Joan Didion book that everyone is raving about.
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