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Seasonal Activities and Thoughts

I was wondering why I felt edgy and grumpy, then realized that every time I thought about traditional Christmas things, or looked at some of the ornaments on the tree, or listened to traditional Christmas carols, I was missing my mum like stink. So I just kind of gave in to that for a while, and somehow I feel a bit better.

Other things have helped, too.

Yesterday I spent a fine time doing errands with lidocafe and her charming daughter, and we had lunch afterwards. Then I nearly drove away with their Christmas turkey in the back of my car, and when they were jumping up and down and waving I thought it was because they saw someone they knew (not me). I finally twigged, and it was hilarious. As lidocafe said, it was like something out of a movie comedy.

I had the most beautiful email letter from a student in my women's lit class who struggles with English but is an intensely intelligent and interesting person with more ideas than many of my other students put together. He thanked me for encouraging and helping him, and it was lovely.

I got quite a few last minute Christmas cards in the mail.

I made a very delicious dinner last night for mkb and kp and her young house-mate and we all lounged about in my nice warm living room and ate and drank and looked at books and listened to music and played with Tabitha, and it was very nice.

I went out for some last minute shopping today and bought myself a few treats, then I had real comfort food - poached egg on tinned spaghetti - for lunch, and took Robinson for a walk in the snow, and that was nice, too.

Tomorrow, if we don't get snowed in again, I'm going to kp's for dinner, which I'm looking forward to. I have a few small prezzies to open and some ham and nice bread for lunch tomorrow, and I have some very nice fresh salmon for my supper tonight, so all in all I'm doing quite well.

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