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I was delighted today when the first post after the "holidays" brought a small box containing a cat-toy and some dog treats from brinian! Thank you!! That was so thoughtful, and both animals were most pleased with their prezzies. And I loved your special card :)

Today, Robinson and I went for a walk on the waterfront amid the most spectacular storm clouds and positively apocalyptic sky. We got hailed on. Then on the way home there was a beautiful rainbow.

Yesterday, lidocafe and I went to see Slumdog Millionaire. It was fun, but I haven't quite worked out what I think of it. I'm not sure how ironically we are meant to take it, and for some reason I can't believe we're meant to take it as an unabashed "feel-good" movie. I don't know what it says about it that I can't make that distinction. It had a lot of energy and flash, and the lead was believable and sweet, but...

Tomorrow, basically the film-club (minus Eli, who is at home in Ferny, and has been on Facebook so we don't have to worry about him being under an avalanche) is going to see Benjamin Button in the cause of superfoo's birthday. Some people say that movie is terrible; others say that it's absolutely wonderful. We shall see. It will be fun, either way. If it's awful, we can be a large obnoxious group and make rude noises and get ourselves thrown out of the cinema.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that kp and j and I went to Butchart Gardens to see it all lit up for Christmas. This is what it looked like:

Sunken Garden as Christmas Fantasy

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