the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

My New Year

I'm not one for resolutions or big splendiferous celebrations on New Year's Eve, but I do think it wise to acknowledge borders and milestones. The beginning of every new year always offers that tempting tabula rasa: not something that offers you a complete change of personality, but that gives you the chance to start new, to make an effort, or at least to recognize those things about you that may need some work. I am resolved to continue trying new things, pushing my own limits, pursuing happiness, learning to be ... whatever I am :)

Anyway, yesterday, Robinson and I went for a very BRISK walk on the Songhees waterfront. The wind was coming in hard from the south/west, and Robinson's fur was blown straight back off his face as we walked west. I had to hold onto the toggles on my hat lest it be blown off. When we came to certain coves that were exposed to the wind, the waves were rushing in and breaking on the seawall. There were broken shells and bits of driftwood that had been tossed up in the night before's really strong winds. We came home wind-blown and refreshed.

I rented Mamma Mia for myself for the evening, and this proved the perfect entertainment. It was silly and fun and happy and just "feel good" in the fullest sense of that expression. You will have to imagine me and Robinson bouncing around the living room, while Tabitha looked on disdainfully.

I was in bed before 11:00 and asleep by 11:30. Somehow I slept through the noise at midnight.

Today, I've been puttering around doing this and that. I took some photos and played on Flickr. My tie-breaking photo in the "Survivor" thing I've been playing lost spectacularly, so now I'm worried that I may be voted off the Island. Oh well, que sera, sera. Tomorrow, I meet a student at 10:00 am, so part of today was spent tweaking some of my online course material so that I won't embarrass myself when I show her around.

I wanted to cook a turkey for either last night or today, but there was none to be had anywhere (remember, I didn't cook one at Christmas...) Oh well. I'll keep my eyes open - perhaps more will be in by the weekend, or perhaps I'll have to wait until the next milestone.

Happy new year, everyone.

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