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It has been a week of birthday celebrations, capped with last night at Azuma Sushi surrounded by my delightful, wonderful "film night" friends, who ganged together and bought me a tattoo!!! Or at least the wherewithall to get one. I positively squawked with surprise, and was almost overcome, not with horror but with delight at the conspiracy and with the very notion that I should be considered a cool enough 53-year old person that it would be considered not only appropriate but absolutely essential that I be given a tattoo.

This arose, by the way, out of a conversation one night quite some time ago, in which I think I mentioned that I had thought once or twice about getting one, maybe to celebrate my 60th birthday or something, and superfoo expressed some surprise that I didn't have one already.

Apart from this wondrous surprise, I was also given lovely cards, and ate delicious Japanese food, which is still my very favourite, and enjoyed the company of Kelly and Brianna and Marri and Eli and the elusive Baz, and Eli and Baz' beautiful and charming girlfriends whom I don't know well but who both professed to be delighted to be invited to this gathering. I am genuinely touched and grateful for the friendship of such lovely people!

ETA: I can't believe I forgot to mention that lidocafe, as if she hadn't done enough already (being a flower fairy, organizing tattoo, coming to dinner dressed in pearls), gave me a dvd of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie which is one of the films that made me who I am today and which I have seen about 20 times but never get tired of and thought only existed on VHS. So that was another wonderful thing.

I said at the beginning that this has been a week of celebrations, and, indeed, it has been, because on Friday night we all gathered at a small coffee shop in James Bay to hear Eli perform, and he was, to coin a phrase, awesome. He has a kind of unassuming charisma that held us all spellbound for an hour. After this, we assembled at a nearby pub for drinks and hilarity and I met Eli's stunningly beautiful girlfriend for the first time.

Today, I find that I seem to have done something rather dire to my back and need to sit still and not bend or twist at all. So I am glad that all these celebrations happened first.

And now, it remains to consider what and where to have myself tattooed. I'm leaning towards a bee, which represents my full given name. I want something that is me, not necessarily something that captures a moment or a year or even something fannish (I would consider something in Elvish, but suspect it's Been Done rather a lot and I want something private and individual). I'd be interested to know what you-all think: it's almost a memish kind of question...

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