the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Create your own Romance Novel

Thank you to tree_and_leaf for the link to My Harlequin Romance Story

Here's one I created:

He was a poor, simple boy. She was a wealthy, hopelessly romantic young lady. Though they were worlds apart, their innocent friendship bloomed into a mutual admiration. Then suddenly Pepper was wrenched from Normandy's life.

Now, years later, he has returned to Paris, the City of Lights society as an influential wealthy tycoon, determined to seek revenge on Normandy's father—and Normandy herself. But she is no longer the spoiled schoolgirl Pepper remembers. She is a feisty young award-winning writer of conviction and faith, raising a son on her own. Now Pepper must look deep into his heart. For only in abandoning his thirst for revenge can he finally become the man most worthy of her love.

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