the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Life with Tabitha

I just found the bath-plug in my bed.

I need to find somewhere safe to put it, in case it disappears into whatever hovering void sucks up her toys. Her favourite mouse toy vanished yesterday - I searched every nook and cranny I could think of, but no luck. This is just the latest in a steady disappearance of balls, catnip toys, etc etc.

She seems unimpressed by milk, but loves tomato juice. Is this normal?? She likes tomato soup, too, but doesn't seem all that interested in fresh tomatoes. She is also quite passionate about my blueberry/banana smoothies.

She follows me everywhere.

She has gotten outside a few times now - usually slipping out when Robinson is going out - but doesn't stay out long. If I shut her outside, she can be found fairly soon after looking cold and miserable and half-starved, crying piteously to let the neighbours know how cruelly she is treated.

I am constantly wiping cat footprints off the bathroom sink, the inside of the toilet, and the bath. She seems to like white enamel surfaces.

I am thinking about getting her an "amuse-a-cat" dvd, to beguile her and distract her when I'm out or when I'm trying to work. This is the advice I've read for what to do about cats who demand attention ALL THE TIME. She's actually sitting quietly on the couch as I'm writing this, but this is unusual. Does anyone have any other advice for how to distract a cat??

If the vet was right, she'll be one in April - I think I'll let her and Robinson celebrate on the same day. I notice she's rounding out a bit, losing that kitten peakiness. Maybe in another few years she'll settle down a bit :) Or not.

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