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Movie Geek Live-Blogs the Academy Awards

Here I am, for my annual movie love-fest. Every year, I wonder wtf I'm doing watching this incredibly boring, meaningless spectacle, but every year, I'm here. When my mum was alive, we used to be ready with our picnic supper, our ballots to tick off as the awards were won, and with bets on who or what was going to win.

Watching the red-carpet, so far, most beautiful has been Penelope Cruz in Vintage some-thing-or-other. Kate Winslet's grey dress is not really the thing. Marissa Tomei, so far is in the weirdest dress. Meryl Streep looks lovely. Brangelina looked divine.

What am I rooting for? In movies, I think Slumdog Millionaire, although that was not my favourite movie of the season. I will be very happy if Ann Hathaway wins Best Actress. For the Actors, anyone except Brad Pitt would please me, though I think I'll feel particularly happy if Mickey Rourke does (his dog died six days ago... sniff).

On with the show!

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