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My thanks to all for your good wishes. The support of my physical friends here has been strong and unshakeable. In some ways it might be easier to be one of a large Ukranian family with dozens of aunties rushing in from all corners of the world, but I'm an only child and the few "rellies" I have are rather far afield, mostly in England, and Western Canada is a long way away... Well, they say you can't choose family but you can choose friends, and mine have been stellar.

Yesterday, I took doggies for a walk along a walking/biking path that crosses a nature sanctuary, and nature put on a spectacular show for me, as if it knew I needed it. First, a Cooper's hawk swooped across the path and perched about four feet away (and, of course, me without my camera...). Then a kingfisher sat preening itself on the edge of the lake, chattering its beak and flicking its tail. Even as I stood with tears pouring down my cheeks I felt the joy of that moment. Then as I was turning towards home two raptors, possibly falcons rather than hawks, were circling and calling against the sky. Who can feel sad for long in such a beautiful world?
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