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I have a chicken curry simmering on the stove. I love making a real curry, with fresh ginger and garlic and spices and making a paste and cooking it in the oil so that the whole house is fragrant with it. I'm going to eat it before too much longer with basmati rice (also simmering) and either broccoli or kale, I haven't decided.

I went to the egg farm this morning to buy a dozen free range eggs for $3.50 (about $1 less than they would be at Thrifty's). I'm intrigued by the fact that almost the only other customers I've seen there are senior citizens. Why don't young people go to the egg farm? It's not far out of town (only on Blenkinsop). Maybe they don't know about it, and the old folks do...

Then I went to the garden shop and bought some flats to plant seeds in. I'm starting sweet peas (I'll give you some, lidocafe!) and green peas and some broad beans and probably some lettuces and arugula.

This afternoon, I took Robinson out before it snowed (!!!), which it did later, then spent some time grooming him. He needed his toes combing, and his beard, and a little trim around his eyes. Then I brushed Tabitha, just so she wouldn't feel left out.

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