the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

More Domesticity

I did a lot of cleaning today.

I also did my taxes. I'm due a refund that is enough to pay for a week in my Venice apartment, so that can't be bad.

I also made leek and potato soup, which was really good. I now have two containers full of chicken curry and three containers full of leek soup to put into the freezer.

Then I went out shooting ducks (with my camera, of course) but I made the classic mistake of forgetting that my camera was set at aperture priority, so I was trying to take moving objects at 1/50 of a sec, which meant that all my shots were pretty much useless. Oh well.

It turned into an okay day out, and Robinson and I enjoyed the sunshine, with or without duck photos.

Did I get any marking done? Did I heck as like (which I think means "no, of course not, are you kidding?"

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