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He's Our Man

I need to go to bed very soon, but I'm still buzzed from the absolutely amazing Leonard Cohen concert. I can't believe that beforehand we were saying "oh, he's an old guy, it won't go late." More than three hours and about five encores later, we left having been enfolded in beauty and delight. He has such amazing presence and grace, not to mention being blessed with a golden voice! And he's surrounded by the most incredible talent - any one of his backup singers and musicians could be solo performers, and he was generous and gracious in allowing each of them to shine at least once, in some cases several times, during the evening, while he modestly stood back. lidocafe commented that he probably could have just stood in the center of the stage all evening while musicians played in the background and we would have cheered. But he did so much more than that. If I'm as spry and just plain COOL at seventy-four or however old he is, I'll be surprised. And how many performers send you off into the night with a benediction?

Man. That was AWESOME.
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