the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Mildly Out of Sorts

I've been feeling a bit glum despite efforts to cheer myself up. Today was one of those days when, if I were still in the cycles, I would think I had PMS. Without that excuse, I guess I'm just ... a bit out of sorts. I locked myself out of my office, I kept dropping things, I spilled something greasy on my favourite pants. There is a strong, rather cold, wind blowing, and my walk with Robinson in the park this afternoon was not all that pleasant. I did badly on all my exercises on Wii Fit, and it told me I had a fit age of about 65 :( (previously, I had come in at considerably under my age). Robinson now appears to have an upset tummy, which is going to necessitate my giving his bum a wash...

It's not late, but I feel that I should go to bed and get this day over with.

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