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Things Are Better

I felt somewhat ashamed of my whining and whingeing on Monday when I discovered later that day that someone I know is going through much worse things, and is, indeed suffering (it's no one any of you except one knows, so don't fret). I feel sad thinking about how this person's life has been turned upside down almost overnight, and recognize that my own blueness was nothing in comparison.

Also - a few nice things have happened.

I had the results of my "course survey," which is a kind of evaluation that isn't supposed to be an evaluation but for all intents and purposes is. Anyway, my feedback was excellent, nearly all above the school average, which makes me feel good. And the students said some really nice things (except one WTF comment - but there's always one of those, and I have learned to focus on the positive).

I had lunch with the dept chair today, and it was really nice, and we had a good talk. Yay.

I've been taking advantage of some TIME to go and get medical check-ups and tests and things. I saw my doctor this afternoon about the results of all my blood etc work, and I'm HEALTHY! In fact my "lipids" (cholesterol levels) are, apparently, phenomenal!! (this is a relief to someone whose maternal grandfather died fairly young of a heart-attack, and whose mother had heart problems in her later life on top of everything else).

As of Friday, all the *&%# meetings that everyone seems to want to schedule now we're not teaching will be mostly finished and I'll have some time to really focus on my DWJ paper. Countdown to trip...

Tomorrow, I'm giving a presentation on BLOGGING for colleagues across the school. I had been afraid (genuinely) that no one would come, or that none of my English fellows would and that I would feel very hurt if they didn't. I know that at least a few of my English colleagues are coming, and I'm all prepared, and I think it'll be good, and if some of them don't come... well it's their loss, right?


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May. 14th, 2009 12:51 pm (UTC)
Sounds generally pleasant and productive. Congrats on getting ot work on the paper!
May. 14th, 2009 02:22 pm (UTC)
So glad you're healthy!

Yeah, another person's hard times can put things in perspective.

I found myself talking about blogging to a friend... I tried to restrain myself, but couldn't help, in the end, testifying--oh, feel the glory, amen!--to how wonderful it was :-)

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