the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Another Hurdle Cleared

So I think my blogging presentation for my school went well this morning. It was much better attended than I expected, with my audience including the Dean as well as some loyal friends (including my dear lidocafe, who laughed at all the right places and gave me confidence) and quite a lot of people from other departments, which was great. Of course, afterwards, I thought of all the things that I should have said, and that I should have been better organized and blah, blah, blah, but overall I think it was okay.

The Dean's keynote speech was very good, and I also went to a presentation on teaching in Dubai which was interesting and incited my travel and adventure envy... (swift slap on the side of the head).

It is a lovely spring day, and I was tired and needed to de-stress, so I played hooky from everything this afternoon and took Robinson for a walk in the woods. Although the sun is bright, it's still not terribly warm. My garden seems to have leapt into bloom almost over-night, as if it was wearing its woollies during the grey cold days and now the sun's shining it's suddenly thrown on a t-shirt and shorts, just like we do. My icelandic poppies are suddenly out, and the wigelia is blooming (it's the one with variegated leaves and pink flowers) and the first cornflower is blooming in the perennial bed. I still have an awful lot of weeding and planting to do - well, it's a long weekend, so perhaps I'll have some time.

Just now I was watching two hummingbirds whizzing up and down in the sky, and a while ago I took some photographs of one and a Mysterious Yellow Bird that was lurking in my pear tree. I haven't downloaded and processed them yet, but will post anything interesting perhaps later.

Tomorrow there's a department meeting, and a contract management committee meeting, and then finally I'll have some time to myself for my own work (except that I now have agreed to meet with one of my audience members to talk about blogging, but not until the week after next).

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