the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Bright Sunshiny Day

Yesterday was a beautiful, almost summery, day. I felt the urge to do something, and gave my friend kp a call; by happy chance, she was just on her way out to go to the Abkhazi garden, which was open free of admission for a plant sale. So I joined the expedition, and we toured the beautiful garden, bought a couple of plants each, and I, of course, took pictures

Yellow Tree Peony

Turtle, Abkhazi Gardens Another Rhodo Macro

Afterwards, we repaired to the Cook St Village, where we went to Rose's Diner for breakfasty lunchy food. I had the best bennie I've had for a long time, and was delighted to be able to get a half order, with only one egg, instead of the two-egg serving that I always have trouble finishing.

I took kp home, then took Robinson out for a walk on the Westsong way, where I saw


Land and Sea

and an oyster catcher

Oyster Catcher, Too

Thence, it was home again, where I took more pictures for a Flickr group challenge, cooked supper and watched the first episode of True Blood, which was rather good - now I have to download more!

Today I think I'm meeting lidocafe for lunch, and will be doing some gardening. I like holiday weekends :)

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