the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Weekend Doings

I've had a very productive weekend. Today, I took Robinson for a lovely walk in the brilliant sunshine down on the Westsong, where we saw this


and wild roses blooming, with bees buzzing about

Bee on Wild Rose

and we also saw the bright sails from the Swiftsure off in the misty distance, but I didn't get a decent shot of them.

I came home and made cheese and broccoli soup, which was good, and spent the afternoon planting my pots of herbs and geraniums and things for the deck.

Tabitha climbed a tree for the first time today. She really is the most delightful little animal. She seems more interested in being near me than in all the bird activity in the garden. Apart from climbing the tree, she was content to stretch out in the sunshine near me while I potted, and she followed me back into the house quite happily at the end of the day. I like her to come out in the garden with me, and I think cats belong in gardens, but I don't want her to develop too much taste for freedom and disappear for hours or days outdoors. For now, things are perfect, as she comes out with me, and comes in with me.

I was able to enjoy all this because yesterday I got the first, very rough, draft of my conference paper done, and will have plenty of time to work on the second before my Beta readers see it on Thursday, so I wasn't feeling anxious about it as I have been for a bit. My topic of course slithered about, and I wanted to go off on tangents about metafiction, which I think I'd like to pursue more later, but I managed to keep focussed, and on the whole I'm happy with my argument so far.

I also managed to find time to bathe Robinson and give both him and Tabitha some flea treatment (it's that time of year again) and watch the last two episodes of Season Six of Buffy, which made me cry all over again, but that was okay. Tonight I think I'll watch some more Remington Steele, which is as good as I remembered it. I had forgotten the sidekick character Murphy, who is quite attractive (though not as attractive as Pierce, of course).

Right now, I'm enjoying a well-earned G&T, and resting my rather tired joints. But "it's all good" as they say.

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