the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Pleasant Weekend Doings and General SQUEEEEEEE

It's so great being on holiday. Nothing to think about or prepare for !!Except my trip!!!! and just nice long days seeing friends !!And thinking about my trip!!!

My DWJ conference paper is finished, has been Beta'd by two very trustworthy individuals, and may need a little bit of revision but is mostly ready to go ... so... !!!I'm so excited about my trip!!!!

Meanwhile. Yesterday, I had lunch with [info] - personallidocafe and shopped for her daughter's birthday, which was really fun and filled me with vicarious gift-giving pleasure. We also went to the liquor store and bought some supplies for this Thursday's Movie Night, at which we're going to watch Don't Look Now partly in honour of my going to Venice !!!Woo Hoo - I'm going to Venice!!!!

Today, I met my friend kp for breakfast at the Shine Cafe (on Ms Lido's recommendation), which was very good. Then we went to Caroline Herriot's Organic Garden to view it and to buy some organic vegetable plants, which is probably really stupid on my part because I'm going to have to hope that someone will water leeks and kale and tomato plants while I'm away, but what the hell.

When I came home, I logged on to LJ and found the delightful news that [info] - personalgillo is !!!!coming to the DWJ conference!!!!!, which means that I'll get to see her as well as it seems like !!almost half my flist!! and !!Judith Ridge!! whom I know from other online things and I just can't imagine how much more fun a conference could be and !!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!

And, oh, I'm going to be spending five days in London and two weeks in Venice and a couple of days in Bath in the meantime and I must be just about the luckiest person in the Whole World.

So there.

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