the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

More Trip Preparation

I went clothes shopping today, and had a fairly successful time, amazingly enough. I find the fashions at the moment to be unflattering to the extreme and totally not ME - I have never, even when young and smooth of skin and slim of build, worn frilly things or low cut necklines, and it seems almost impossible to escape either of these features. I did get a very lightweight black kind of petticoat skirt that I think will be suitable for Venice, and a black sleeveless t-shirt with a turtle-neck that I can put a scarf over for visiting churches (and a jolly bright pink and orange striped scarf to fit the bill). I also found this amazingly flattering kind of empire line t-shirt in bright fuscia - it has three-quarter length sleeves, but may be useful for an evening on any of my stops. And I got some dark grey capris that are made specifically for travelling - very light-weight and easy to wash - which I imagine will be my staple garment. I'm trying to travel as light as possible and take as little as possible and it's a bit tricky when I will be in two different climates. Oh well - if necessary, I shall buy something where ever I am!

I am inspired by a_d_medievalist to shop for shoes. I am most comfortable in sandals, which will be entirely suitable for Venice, but worry about London and Cornwall. I did see some rather nice Merril sandals today, though - a bit lighter and strappier than the ones I've been wearing, but still with a good sole for walking.
Sigh. I envy those with minions to haul around suitcases carrying many changes of clothing :)

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