the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

We're Having a Heatwave! (but my shopping is made of Win)

It's 29 degrees - considerably hotter here than in Venice today, so good practice :-)

I actually appeared at the dog park with a bare midriff. I managed not to frighten any of the dogs, however.

I went shopping in the heat and scored these sandals and am very happy. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday that I bought the most comfortable and flattering bra in the world; it gives me (ME) cleavage (without any clever padding - I hate clever padding) and so far the straps are in place. Of course, there was only one available in my size (and that was black, very sexy but doesn't go with everything), so now I have to go in search of at least one more. Keep your fingers crossed.

However, I've had the most amazing luck and am stunningly prepared for my trip. In fact, once I've picked up a prescription, I will be ready to go. And there's still a week left!

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