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Non-Stop Culture

Just a flying post, as, not content with my scorage of a ticket to Waiting for Godot, I also managed to procure a same-day ticket to this evening's performance of Tom Stoppard's Arcadia. Not as glamorous as WfG, but seems also to be very popular and has had very good reviews. I read the play as a PhD student and loved it and have always wanted to see a production.

This morning, as well as buying theatre tickets, I hit bookshop Nirvana on Charing Cross Rd, wandered through Trafalgar Sq, into St Martin's in the Field, where I listened to a music rehearsal, and thence to the Tower, along, it seemed, with half the world.

The Throng at the Tower

It was a bit too crowded for my taste, but nevertheless an enjoyable outing. Nothing like sitting on the banks of the Thames eating ice-cream and looking at Tower Bridge to feel like "I'm in London! Woo hoo!!"

Probably more later.
Tags: 2009_holiday, london

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