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And I'm officially in paradise. Amo Venezia.

I've been here now about 24 hours, and already have had enough sensory experience to last a lifetime. And I have TWO WHOLE WEEKS!!

Well, it's official. Venice is the most beautiful place in the world. But let's start at the beginning (oh, I've found an internet cafe, as you can tell - if anyone has any helpful hints about scoring wifi, I'd love to hear them...)

The flight was not uneventful. We hit bad turbulence over Belgium and hit a big airpocket - it was the worst turbulence I've ever been in, and I learned the difference between the fun adrenaline rush of scary when you know you're safe and the really sickening fear when you think that something seriously bad is going to happen. People were screaming - that tells you how bad it was. I guess if in all the air travel I've done, and will do, if that's the worst it's not too bad. Anyway, obviously I'm still here, and the rest of the flight was okay.

My landlady, Maya, gave me detailed instructions about getting to San Marco from the airport, and met me by Harry's Bar. I seem doomed to meet these effortlessly chic business women when tired, sweaty, and red in the face. But she was very charming, and my apartment is lovely, I think nicer than my one in Paris. It is in a very quiet courtyard (in fact the address means quiet courtyard) just off San Marco and is extremely handy for everything.

Yesterday, after I had showered and rested, I ventured out to explore and wandered around, being hit every five minutes or so with this "omg (actually holy shit!) I'm in Venice!!" moments (let's abbreviate omgV!). walk through San Marco and get that first glimpse of the lion and the dome behind OMGV! canals with gondolas OMGV! sitting in a courtyard listening to church bells and seeing swallows darting around OMGV! I walked and walked, finally coming out on the Zattere and saw that amazing Cannaletto view across the harbour in the setting sun OMGV! I scored a table at a rather posh restaurant and spent what would probably feed a small third-world country for a year on an amazing dinner - carpaccio, scampi, tuna, pinot grigio, grappa, espresso OMGV! and then took the boat back to San Marco and my apt.

This morning, I resolved to find out what Venetians have for breakfast (coffee and sweet rolls, apparently - I had cappuchino and brioche con chocolatte) and to forage for food supplies of my own. This mission was accomplished at and around the Rialto market, where I scored some wonderful ham and some bread and some rice salad con polle et pisce and some amazing wild strawberries (which I've already eaten), and other fruit, and some eggs and asparagus and salad greens and yogurt, so I can make an omelet or poached egg and asparagus or a sandwich and have fruit and yogurt for breakfast tomorrow. I need to find some wine, but I don't think that will be difficult.

From here - the internet cafe - I'm going to find some lunch and then go home for a siesta. Later, I'm going on a serious photoshoot. I did bring my "good" camera, and I'm glad I did - no photos yet, but should have some tomorrow.

Ciao for now!
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