the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

So far, so good

Just an update on the internetz dilemma I was having a few days ago (handyhunter, you might be interested in this as you are having the same problem). Nothing had worked (clearing browser cache, clearing personal "library" cache, turning router and modem on and off, hitting reset button on router). Today, I went into router and hit "release" and "refresh" for address connecting to ISP (DP address? can't remember, but it's the only one there with these commands attached to it). I remembered this as something I used to do when using Windows, and was the default "try this first" suggestion from ISP. I also changed the channel on my wireless connection. It seems to have worked. No more lagging; indeed, the internet is now working lightning fast

Keep your fingers crossed.

Oh, and in related news, downloaded latest upgrade to Safari, which seems to have some quite cool features.

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