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I've been spending a great deal of time settling in to my new computer, which takes an unexpectedly long time what with getting all your favourites organized and setting things up exactly to your specifications. I like the "clean slate" feel of a new computer - you don't make all the mistakes that you made the first time. You learn to say "no" instead of "okay" and not let iTunes eat your hard drive (not to mention iPhoto!).

Shiny new computer is shiny and very smooth, and very elegant. I love the illuminated keyboard and the beautiful bright display. The touch-pad is a mixed blessing - I think once I get used to only using one finger pretty much for everything I'll be okay, but I've been accidentally resizing the display (with the "pinch to resize" feature) which is a bit annoying. It's nice having more than 5 hours of battery life, though. I can't say that Leopard is any noticeably huge improvement over Tiger, but a Mac is a Mac, and that means Computery Goodness :-) And a faster, more up-to-date, with-more-memory Mac is excellent.

Yesterday, brinian came for a visit, bringing her two lovely beardie boys, Brin and Eri, with her. I think Robinson really enjoyed the company, and it was lovely to see them all interacting. Of course, I have photos:

This is Robinson meeting Brin

Robinson Meets Brin

And here are Robinson and Eri together, looking goofy

If we're really good, will you give us a cookie?

You can, of course, see more on my Flickr photostream.

brinian very generously took me out to lunch, and we went to Spinnakers and sat overlooking the harbour and then walked along the Westsong for a bit and drove around the scenic drive before coming back to my place for a photoshoot. It was a delightful afternoon!

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