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Interests? Well, perhaps.

Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. fantasy score: 17 Well, yeah, I'm surprised that's not there already
2. reading score: 16 Duh
3. science fiction score: 13 I thought that was there already, too.
4. chocolate score: 13 um, well ... I like it but can't really eat much of it because of migraines. Hardly an interest
5. cats score: 11 Yes, I like cats, obviously seeing as I have one, but not, you know cats like other LJ people
6. poetry score: 11 YES
7. music score: 10 YES
8. tea score: 9 Not really - I don't drink much tea. I'm a coffee person.
9. cooking score: 9 YES
10. art score: 9 well, yes
11. sf score: 9 um... haven't we covered that one?
12. jane austen score: 8 yes, but not Jane! Jane! Jane! like some people
13. sushi score: 8 I like it, but an interest?
14. harry potter score: 8 um... no.
15. anime score: 7 maybe - this is something I don't really know much about
16. margaret atwood score: 7 well, I read her, but she's hardly an interest
17. singing score: 7 well, maybe.
18. feminism score: 7 Yes, okay
19. georgette heyer score: 7 see Jane Austen
20. j.r.r. tolkien score: 7 YES but isn't he there already?

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