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Karamazblog Book X

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Book X: In which very little happens. We spend time with a group of little boys, including one who is dying, and a dog. The main plot is not advanced at all. No one seems particularly bothered.

In a word: AAAAAARRRGH!!!!

Okay, well, I guess we learn more about what a nice guy Alyosha is. We meet a precocious, lively, wild but obviously with a heart-of-gold boy that Alyosha takes quite a shine to (Alyosha/Kolya slash, anyone??). We meet yet more of the mosaic of fascinating characters that make up the web of connections between people that FD seems fascinated by. There's a bunch more philosophy. There's a scene in the market which is no doubt planted to make us notice what lousy witnesses people are. Yes, Fyodor, we got that...

And there's some stuff about feeding a dog bread dough with a pin in it that's supposed to be "oh, naughty boy, what a chuckle" that had me gnashing my teeth. And srsly wtf about the dog? Kolya has been hiding the dying kid's dog all this time, brings it to him for a tearful reunion, and then takes it home again??

And the dying kid doesn't even have the grace to die in the end of this section. Just when you thought something was actually going to happen...

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