the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Exciting News!

I'm going to be a two-beardie household again!

No, I'm not getting a puppy ... yet. Remember I mentioned a visit from beardie-person extraordinaire and LJ-friend brinian a couple of weeks ago? And how much Robinson seemed to enjoy hanging with her dogs (and I've been worrying about him a bit after losing Cholmondely)? Well, as it happens, brinian knew of an 11-year-old girl beardie whose owner had just died and who needed a home. At first, I thought, "no, I don't want to face losing _two_ dogs in the next few years; it's bad enough seeing Robinson start to age..." So I talked to B about puppies, but then I thought some more, and realized that this would be a good compromise if I really don't want to have two dogs in the long term (thinking that if I got a puppy now, when R probably has at least a good two or three more years in him, the puppy would be lonely after he goes... and so the cycle would continue...). This one - her name is Zoe - will be company for R in his old age, and I'll feel great that I'm giving a home to an elderly dog who might not have found one so easily.

Her hair is clipped, and she's a bit portly, but with decent walks and regular brushing she'll be gorgeous in no-time. B says she's a very nice dog, but she's had a rough few weeks, what with losing her person and then being fostered in two different places. I can't wait to be able to give her a nice stable home! Oh, and she's fine with cats, too - at least she completely ignored B's two - so Tabitha's life won't be disrupted too much.

Looks like she'll be arriving on Friday! Stay tuned :-)

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