the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Zoe Settles In

The Beach is a bit Overwhelming

She is currently snoozing in the door to my bedroom, within earshot. She was at my feet here where I'm working on my computer in my dining room, but she skedaddled when I brought my camera in to download the photo you're looking at. It's a rare Zoe sighting, because she HATES the camera. She will be happily sleeping on her comfy blanket in the sitting room, and if I bring my camera she not only leaves the room, she'll go in her crate!

I'd love to know more about her background and her habits before coming to me, like what's behind her hatred of cameras and some other oddities. She walks beautifully on leash, but doesn't seem to know how to walk off-leash at all. Twice now I've tried letting her off somewhere where Robinson and I were walking along a path and she just sat down. Yesterday, we went to the beach, which seemed to astonish her greatly, and again, she sat down and refused to walk. I had to put her on leash and pretty much drag her! Yet today at the dog park, she frisked, she yodelled, she trotted off to visit another dog across the field but then came _bounding_ happily to me when I called her.

I think that she and Tabitha may become friends. She's interested in T, but not in a threatening way at all, just seeming to want to play. And seeing as Tabitha is always unsuccessfully trying to get Robinson to play, things may work out. Tabitha is not deterred by much, and her life seems to be continuing much as usual. She likes Robinson, and will walk up to him and rub under his chin. So far things have not gotten that chummy with Zoe, but I've seen some sniffing going on.

But Zoe is definitely getting more relaxed and happier looking every day, so things are good.

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