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Movie log

Finally made it to see the new Pride and Prejudice. Keira Knightley was enchanting, but where was Colin Firth when we really needed him??? I'm sorry, but that actor was just too, too whimpy. The one scene when he comes swirling through the mist, you almost get it... then it turns into - him. Even if they couldn't have Colin F, couldn't they have found _someone_ worthy of Keira? And those last minutes... ugh. Not only unworthy of Jane, but unworthy of Deborah Moggach - can't help thinking some hack tossed them off on the plane over to the US, where they were apparently added. I mean, I'm all for a little clinch at the end (she says that he expresses himself as warmly as any young man in love would, and to me that can be interpreted as kissing), but that drivel... However. On the whole, it was a worthy effort. It's almost impossible to do Austen badly (though cf Mansfield Park for one example), and most of the other characters were more than acceptable. And Keira Knightley was wonderful.

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