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Happy Month!

I'm going to try nablopomo again this year. I've made it more difficult for myself, and added some incentive, by challenging my Creative Nonfiction students to take part, and together we're going to try and raise some money for the United Way. I've posted about our challenge in College English. I will likely be cross-posting some posts so that I don't have to do 30 posts X 2, but for some reason I'm still reluctant to publicize this blog to my students (even though I can lock posts if I want).

So I'll be doing 30 more-or-less English related posts there, and keeping up my burbling about more personal things in here.

Oddly enough, even though I've been so busy I haven't had time to post much here this term, I'm looking forward to it. Teaching creative writing is a blast, and I've been aching to do some writing of my own. So here's my chance ;-)

nablopomo #1
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