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Egads! Funerary Vultures...

I got a phone call this morning from a representative of the funeral home that dealt with my mother's remains. In soft, solemn tones, she said that she remembered me expressing some interest in the Memorial Society and prepayment of funeral services, and did I wish to meet with her to discuss this some time. I tried to fob her off tactfully by pointing out that I felt that a month after my mother's funeral was a bit soon to be thinking about such things, and in any case I didn't remember saying any such thing. She then pressed the point and asked if she should phone back in two or three months. At this point I told her sharply that I found it highly inappropriate to be soliciting over the phone and hung up on her. Jeez. But why the encounter should have left me shaky and upset, I'm not sure. Honestly, though. Talk about vultures preying on the weak...

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