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Movie Log: Brokeback Mountain

I have to admit that I pretty much go along with the general "buzz" on this film: it's very worthy, well done, beautfully filmed etc, but at least 1/2 hour too long. However, it's worth the price of admission to see Heath Ledger's performance. Alas, he won't get the Oscar. Internal subtle performances like that never get the recognition they deserve (the last one I can remember is Robert Duval for "Tender Mercies", and that was probably a body-of-work award). But Ledger was absolutely wonderful. And Jake Gyllenhall wasn't half bad either. It was fun playing the "what's Wyoming, what's Alberta" game, too. For the "inarticulate passion" stakes, though, "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon" really wins the prize over this one, but this is probably more palatable for Hollywood, which is a shame. This movie didn't take me anywhere I'd never been before. It was lovely; I was moved enough to shed a tear at the end, but not as blown away as for Crouching Tiger, which I felt was one of the pure and perfect movies of all time.
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