the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Hoorah. Happy Solstice. Happy happy.

Let the festivities begin!

I have done all my marking. I have only to upload comments sheets to my cw students and post their grades, but all the grading is done and I've already posted my three other classes.

This morning, I also went to Thrifty's and bought my turkey and all kinds of other stuff for feasting goodness. There is a remote chance of snow in the forecast, so I thought it might be wise to get supplies in, Just In Case. On Christmas Eve, I'm going to my friend mkb's place for a traditional Ukranian dinner with her and her father (she's the one whose mother just died). Christmas day, kp and mkb are coming to me for an English Christmas dinner (mkb's father has been invited to a cousin's, and she may only be able to come to me for dessert, but that's okay) I'm going to make mince pies. And my famous lemon-sagerosemary shortbread.

I have done no present buying yet, but don't have much to get. Tomorrow.

And tonight, I'm putting up my tree.

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