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Midterm Marking Moan

The alliterative quality of the header is the only good thing about this post, which mostly consists of venting about technology. I shouldn't complain about marking, as I'm only teaching one course, but why is it that it's ONLY when I've spent about half an hour finding and annotating an enormous number of errors in an absolutely hopeless online essay and have just got to the end that Firefox decides to do the "have just encountered a fatal error and have to close, sorry for the inconvenience..."? And now I'm going to have to go back and do the whole damn thing again, because of course I'm never clever enough to save every two minutes as I should... Blah blah blah. That, of course, is why I'm in here bitching instead of being a good little teacher and marking my midterms.
Tags: marking, rant, teaching, technology

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