the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Question about 50 Book Challenge

Along with a_d_medievalist and inspired by brisingamen, I'm going to try this year to do the 50 Book Challenge. Already I have a question though. Just before Christmas, I started reading Wolf Hall, on a 7-day loan from the library. It's a BIG book and I was worried that I wouldn't finish it by the 30th, when it's due. Now I don't have to worry, as last night lidocafe gave me a copy of my Very Own, so I can finish it at my leisure (and I'm loving it, so want to finish it but don't want to rush).

Okay, so here's the question. If I finish it in 2010, which I'm likely now to do, am I allowed to count it as one of my 50 books??

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