the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Jan 1, 2010

Happy New Year, everyone, if you didn't catch my post yesterday.

I've had a nice quiet day here. The hounds and I went out for one of those wonderful walks in the rain that are really fun if you're dressed for it and don't mind stomping through mud and getting some parts of you wet. I was pleased at how fit and zippy I felt, and how well Robinson did for nearly thirteen years old. Zoe flagged quite a bit towards the end. I don't think she likes the rain so much; maybe her first person wasn't one to go out in all weathers the way I always have with my dogs. We all had a hot bath (not at the same time) when we got home, and I put the dogs in their towelling bags in front of the fire, and I'm now sitting in pj's with the fire glowing, drinking gin, while they snore.

Despite the rain and the mist, it was lovely at Beaver Lake, with the moss and the ferns glowing in day-glo greens. There were quite a lot of other lunatics people out with kids and dogs - maybe walking off hangovers, maybe sharing my custom of doing something energetic on the first day of the year.

Oh, something lovely. At a cross-path, there is a bank of cedar trees, and someone, or someones, had hung gold balls, all inscribed with dog-names, or "in memory of" dog-name. It was particularly effective because the balls were all the same, and it looked somehow organic, as if grown there in the trees. I wish I'd known about it; I would have hung a gold ball in memory of my Cholmondely.

Tonight, I'm going to watch an episode of Angel, then part 2 of the Doctor Who that everyone's watching. I signed up for a service that lets me get online British TV - thanks to a_d_medievalist for the tip-off.

Tomorrow, I'm getting my pre-term hair cut and streaky bits done, then on Sunday we're celebrating superfoo's birthday - looking forward to it! And I have all manner of work to do.

Life is good.

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