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50 Book Challenge: #1

Photo Impressionism and The Subjective Image Freeman Patterson and Andre Gallant.

Freeman Patterson has been a photographic hero of mine since the Seventies, when I first took up photography seriously and when his Photography and the Art of Seeing was something of a Bible for me. I always enjoy not just looking at his photographs but reading his advice and his philosophy (he's one of those with somewhat zen-like ideas about art).

I liked one half of this more than the other. The first half is devoted to extremely abstract work created by doing things with multiple exposures and moving the camera while exposing. Not so much my cup of tea. The half devoted to "the subjective image" is wonderful and inspiring. Even though published in 2001, it's resolutely film based - I'd be interested to read an updated version that allowed for digital techniques (though I think Patterson still does much of his work with a film camera). Many of the ideas here could be adapted with Photoshop.
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