the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

The Habit of Wakefulness

Sleep is becoming a bit of a battleground these days. I sleep very poorly, and recently have sometimes gone for days with only 4 hours a night. The last couple of nights have been like that - Saturday because Robinson kept me up half the night, and last night because I was stressed and anxious and had not done as much prep as I should have because of hanging about worrying about Robinson. So now I'm very very tired, but I'm afraid that I'll go to sleep and then wake up at 3:00 am as usual...

Oh well. I feel like I need some carbs, so I think I may go out and get fish and chips and eat them with some - not too much - gin. Then I'm going to watch the new "Being Human" which I wouldn't have known about if gillo hadn't posted about it and I can watch because now I can get iPlayer, hee hee. And I think possibly an episode of Angel, because, hey, you can't have enough of cute vampires and good writing.

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