the last visible dog (intertext) wrote,
the last visible dog

Oh, Look!

Proof of my existence

This is me, geekily taking notes on a mobile device, at a blogging and social networking conference I'm attending at UBC. I'm glad to note that my hair is tidy, I don't look 54, and I do look quite thin. The hirsute gentleman at the front is the keynote speaker, who was very good. The gentleman on my left is a colleague of mine from my college.

Speaking of geeky things, I saw my first iPad in the wild today, and of course now I want one.

Canada PlaceVancouver is looking stunningly beautiful in the brilliant sunshine of the last couple of days.

PS: If you note that I'm posting this at 2:00 am, it's partly habitual insomnia, partly the fact that the thermostat in my hotel room had been set at 80 degrees F, and partly rambunctious partyers on Robson St, where my hotel is. I did manage to fix the thermostat, though, so things are looking up.

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