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So, half my living room furniture and some other bits and pieces went out the door this morning. (I did take a "before" shot of my living room before it went). I now have one comfortable chair to sit in, my television, dvds, and five book shelves left - you can tell I have my priorities in the right place. I will be buying new living room furniture on top of everything else, and probably a new flat-screen tv, but I decided not to have the hauling guys take the tv as I can give it away on freecycle when the time comes. There are about 100 27 inch tube type tv's on used Victoria, selling for about $50, or not selling, from the look of things, so I think giving it away will be the way to go. It's too heavy for me to lift, so I want someone to come and get it. But meanwhile, I can still watch my dvds :-)

I have the dogs sorted. I spent the afternoon with a delightful beardie person, who has a beautiful property a little bit in the country and boards beardies and will take mine for as long as I need her to. She had heart surgery a couple of weeks ago but seems to be doing great and her husband is lovely, and she liked my dogs and so everything has worked out well. Of course, this is more expense, but worth it I think for my dogs (and me) not being stressed out or disrupted too much. I think it increases the chances of my work getting done expediently if neither I nor my dogs are at home for the duration, so hopefully I be able to go and park myself and Tabitha in my friend's holiday apartment, and there we are (that will be more expense, too, but ... well, what can I say).

Tomorrow I have a kitchen guy coming to talk kitchen-design, so that should be fun.

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